Worker's Rights & Economic Equality


Discrimination and sexism were common in the work place. Classified ads were separated by sex and equal access to credit and banking was a long-fought battle. These images document protests and actions against sexual discrimination, equal pay for equal work, union activism, minority rights and affirmative action. The records of Boston N.O.W.9 to 5National Organization for Women, NOW Legal Defense & Education Fund, and, Women's Equity Action League, document these struggles, as do the papers of many individuals in the Schlesinger Library collections.

  • Women Office Workers demonstration at the Playboy club
  • The First Women's Bank
  • Women United for Action demonstrate against high food prices at supermarkets
  • Union women at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C.
  • International Women's Year march
  • Women Office Workers versus the NY Banks conference
  • Blue collar trainees at All Craft program
  • Wages for Housework at International Women's Day march
  • Union women and children at Labor Day march
  • Blue collar trainee at All Craft program
  • Black people demonstrate for better living conditions
  • NY City Hall "For Jobs" demonstration
  • Eleanor Holmes Norton and NY delegate after abortion resolution passes
  • A woman speaks in support of women's choice for abortion at a demonstration
  • Union women demonstration
  • Mary Anne Krupsak opening a checking account at the Women's bank
  • Women Office Workers versus the NY Banks conference
  • Eileen Preiss, Vice President of Women's bank
  • Women's bank
  • Women Office Workers demonstrate at Labor Department
  • Legal Aid workers on strike for more money
  • Women office workers at affirmative action demonstration
  • Women office workers
  • U.S. Department of Labor conference in NYC. Dorothy Height (left), original member of Women's bureau in Washington, D.C. and Esther Peterson, Executive Vice Chair of Women's Bureau since 1920