Violence Against Women


The modern women's movement began to draw attention to violenece against. These images depict protest marches, vigils and victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. The events they document and the photographs themselves brought great awareness to the issues. Behind the scenes, grassroots organizations began providing services in the form of temporary shelters, hotline support, counseling, education and legal representation.

  • Anti-violence against women protest in Sheridan Square, NYC
  • Anti-violence against women in pornography
  • Anti-violence against women protest
  • Violence against women demonstration at United Nations
  • Violence against women demonstration
  • Betty Friedan speaks at "Films and Women" meeting about violence against women in motion pictures
  • Marchers at anti-pornography rally.
  • Anti-pornography march
  • Robin Morgan, Susan Brownmiller, and Gloria Steinem at Women Against Pornography march
  • Women against Pornography demonstration at the theater showing the anti-women film called "Snuff"
  • Women Against Pornography demonstrate against "Mass Marriages at Playboy Club" event
  • TV actress Valerie Harper among Women Against Pornography demonstrators on 42nd Street
  • Women participating in anti-pornography rally
  • Crowd at anti-pornography rally
  • Battered women shelter dormitory in New Jersey
  • Homeless women waiting for bus to take them to women's shelter
  • Battered women's shelter
  • Battered Women conference
  • Battered women sign at International Women's day demonstration
  • Sexual abuse protest in front of NYC Playboy Club
  • Battered Wife (emotions)