Elder Rights


The Gray Panthers and other grassroots organizations address the issues surrounding ageism, including inequality in hiring practices, protecting access to medicaid, medicare, and social security, and economic concerns regarding rent and other cost increases. Also included here is a portrait of Isola Dubic, a suffragist supporting the modern women's movement.

  • Pro-ERA Demonstration and Women '80 Demonstration.
  • Pro-ERA Demonstration and Women '80 Demonstration.
  • Gray Panthers demonstrate for the ERA
  • Nursing home people demonstrate for more money
  • Gray Panthers demonstration, the aged demonstrate against subway and bus increases
  • Crimes against the elderly conference
  • Conference on Crime (elderly)
  • Senior citizens demonstrate in NYC
  • "Grandmothers for Life," a group from the Peace and Freedom contingent, demonstrate for a nuclear free world at the Federal Court House
  • Women demonstrate in front of City Hall against rent increases especially for single elderly women
  • 91-year-old demonstrates for lower rents as she faces eviction
  • Elderly demonstration for socialized medicine
  • Women demonstrate against social security cuts
  • Union women
  • Gray Panthers demonstration at Rockefeller's office
  • Women demonstrate against social security cuts
  • Survivor of Triangle fire and former union organizer
  • Senior Citizen lunch program
  • Elderly demonstrate against oil price hike
  • 90-year-old Suffragist Isola Dubic at City Hall for Women's March
  • Gray Panthers demonstrate for better living conditions