Abortion rights (anti and pro)


Lane and Leinwand captured images of both the anti- and pro-choice movements. Explore the visual history of the debate through these photographs. Most of the events take place in New York City with images that include many Schlesinger Library collection subjects, namely: National Organization for WomenMildred Jefferson, and Bill Baird.

  • "Pro-choice and nuns" press conference with (L-R): Gloria Steinem; Gloria Fitzgerald, nun; Rosemary Stango, former nun; Dawn Tenent, former nun; Karen Burstein, NY State Senator; Carol Bellamy, NY State Senator; Mim Kelber, assistant to Bella Abzug; Pat McQuillan, founder of "Catholics for a free choice."
  • Women holding pro-choice signs at women's rights rally
  • Anti-abortion demonstration
  • Abortion demonstration in Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  • Abortion demonstrations
  • Women's Rights Demonstration: Abortion
  • Women attend 15th anniversary of legalized abortion rally held in Union Square, NY
  • Pro-choice rally in NYC following death of two women killed in an abortion clinic in Brookline (Boston)
  • Anti-choice groups block entrance to planned parenthood office
  • Unidentified Episcopal minister supports pro-choice abortion demonstration in front of the Long Island Bill Baird Abortion Clinic
  • Pro-life Dr. Mildred Jefferson asked to leave conference hall [at International Women's Year conference]
  • Anti-choice (and pro-choice) demonstrate at the International Women's Year conference in Houston
  • One of the first abortion demonstrations in Union Square
  • Anti-choice "Right to Life" at St. Patrick's Cathedral
  • Pro-abortion group demonstrate at NYU Law School where Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Joseph A. Califano is speaking
  • Anti-abortionists demonstrate outside the Waldorf Hotel where President Carter is staying
  • Bill Baird at abortion demonstration in Union Square concerning the Hyde Amendment
  • Anti-abortion demonstration at the United Nations
  • Media demonstration for pro-abortion
  • Male marchers participating in International Women's Day.
  • Pro-ERA Demonstration and Women '80 Demonstration.
  • Women '80 demonstration
  • International Women's Day march